Louis J. Fox

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Louis J. Fox
Residing In: LAKE OSWEGO, OR
Spouse/Partner: Marilyn, Social worker.
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Children: Matt, born 1979, U of Oregon grad, video coordinator UC Berkeley football.
David, born 1980, West More…Point grad, Cpt US Army Special Forces, posted to Germany, currently deployed in Afghanistan.
Military Service: Marine Corp Reserve  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Since 1960:

1960-1965 Various jobs, dabbled with college coarses, Marine Reserves

Rationalized my future, decided I had better get busy.

Dropped everything, went to school for four years. Graduated with a BBA from U of Michigan.

CPA with Ernst & Ernst 1969-1977. Self-employed CPA 1978-present.

While at Michigan, met Marilyn and got married. After graduation, we moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

After three years we decided we were bored with Florida.

Marilyn had done her junior year abroad in France and wanted to travel to Europe together, so we quit our jobs, took our stuff to Michigan for storage, and took-off.

Traveled thoughout Europe for eight months.

Responded to an ad in the IHT, interviewed, and was offered a job in Paris, but it would have meant NY City eventually so didn't take the job.

Toward the end of the trip I wrote a letter to the partner at E&E asking if there was an opening on the west coast, preferably in Portland, OR. I gave a return address of the American Express office in Paris.

So it was the last day of the trip and we had returned our car to the rental agency in Paris. We walked over to the Am Ex office, and picked-up our mail. There was a letter from E&E. We sat down at a sidewalk cafe, that was opposite the Paris Opera, and opened the letter. The letter was from the partner in charge of the Portland, OR office. He happened to be a U of M grad and invited me to visit the office for an interview.

Visited the office and took the job.

That was thirty-seven years ago. By the way, we had never been to Oregon, but had been reading a lot of press about Oregon. The theme was visit but don't stay. We wanted mountains and got them.
Since then, I have restored several vintage Europoean motor scooters from the 50s. A lot of travelling to Europe and around the US. Do an annual "rail cruise" in Switzerland. Current project is restoring a 1940s house in the Columbia River Gorge. Have lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon since 1973. We snow ski, garden and I play with model trains.

Most importantly, we raised Matt and David. They turned out to be pretty good guys.

School Story:

Although I was not at all academicly oriented, I rarely wished I was somewhere else during a school day. Being at school was just being where I was expected to be. Skipped once and it was just a waste of time. I remember going from one house to another, feeling guilty, hanging-out waiting for the day to end so I could go home. I did like to skip school on opening day of Tiger baseball. I looked at it as a sanctioned skip day.

I hung-out mostly with Dave Ferguson, Pat Hinsby, John Pool, Doug Harmon and Dave Slinger. Dave Ferguson helped orient me when I made the big jump from St. Joan of Arc to Parcells and was a major influence in my life.


I was smoking in front of the Farms Market and spotted one of my teachers who was watching me smoke. To be a wise guy, I walked across the street and just as I stepped on school grounds, I dropped the cigarette in the bushes. I dropped it in a way that the teacher coudn't see, hoping that he would confront me thinking I still had the cigarette on school grounds and I could say Ha Ha. He didn't confront me, just reported me. I explained to no avail what I was trying to pull. Didn't work. Got kicked-out for a day.

In those days we could walk around with a pack of cigarettes in our shirt pocket. Dr. Hanson, history teacher, asked me to talk with him in the hall. He poked the pack of cigarettes and made a comment. I don't recall my response, but I often think about how those great teachers had to put up with some real twirps.

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